This project will promote seminars and other research activities on the topic of public policies at regional, national and supranational level (Italy, Europe, and the world from a comparative perspective). In particular, it will focus on issues relating to policy actors, regulatory frameworks, processes of decision making, implementation and evaluation, forms of governance, and aspects relating to finance and cost/benefit analysis in different areas, related to fiscal, economic, infrastructural, urban planning, social, and health policies, among others.

These issues will be approached using different methodologies – juridical, sociological, economic, anthropological, historical, statistical – in order to provide as comprehensive and complete a description as possible. The project will possibly lead to the creation of an Observatory on Public Policy as an outcome.

Roberto Segatori

Group Members:
Enrico Carloni, Giulio D’Epifanio, Paola De Salvo, Fiorella Giacalone, Stefano Giubboni, Michela Gnaldi, Francesco Merloni, Giorgio E. Montanari, Alessandra Pioggia, Fabio Raspadori, Alessandra Valastro, Manuel Vaquero Pineiro