This research project focuses on the complex interplay of democracy and communication, which today, in view also of the development of the new media, encompasses/ new issues in a wide range of social and political actions.

Among the topics investigated are the right to information and the public duty to inform, the transparency of institutions and administrations, the role of news media and their public accountability in the shaping of public opinion.

Issues to be discussed will  range from  electoral campaigning to, more in general,  political communication, open government, the role of public relations and lobbying in decision-making processes, the relation between participation and information, the relation between knowability and confidentiality.

The relation between communication and democracy also concerns the area of international relations, especially in relation to mass media democracy and the study of democratization processes, where information and the new media are playing an increasingly important role. This thematic area therefore addresses the study of the influence of the information government and the development of communication processes and techniques in relation to the wider area of democracy and its historical evolution.

This is why the approach will be as multi- and inter-disciplinary as possible. These research issues have clear links with the Department’s teaching programs, especially those concerning political sciences, international relations and communications sciences.

Enrico Carloni

Group Members:
Alessandra Valastro, Vincenzo Sorrentino, Francesco Clementi, Paolo Mancini, Benedetto Ponti, Marco Mazzoni, Francesco Merloni, Maria Giuseppina Pacilli, Piero Dominici, Giuseppina Bonerba, Federico Zanettin, Michela Gnaldi, Fabio Raspadori, Maria Giovanna Ranalli, Cristina Scatamacchia